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Detailing is a deep thorough cleaning of your car. It starts with a hand wash , steam cleaning the engine, chemical cleaning of tires and wheels . Then all the contaminants are removed from the paint surface ( road tar, tree sap etc..) before it is polished and waxed. Next on the inside carpets and upholstery are treated for stains and steam cleaned. The dash and vinyl or leather are cleaned, we get deep in all the cracks. Finally protectant is applied to the tires , dash , leather, the windows are washed inside and out, the chrome is also polished. At the end of the day your car is returned to you looking great.

Why Detail

  • Protect your investment, car and truck values depreciate every day. 
  • Regular Detailing of your vehicle increases the value of your car for resale.
  •  Detailing keeps your car or truck looking great.

Protect Your Finish

The clear coat on your vehicles paint can be damaged in many ways. Hard water spots, tree sap, rail dust, scratches from automatic car washes, acid rain . Southside Auto Reconditioning can protect your car's finish from this, with a wax job. If it's to late and your finish is damaged. Southside Auto Reconditioning can repair it for you also.


Clean it the Right way

Make sure the interior is dry! Car carpeting and seats have lots of padding that get wet during the shampoo process. At Southside Auto Reconditioning we use 300,000 btu's of hot forced air to dry your interior . Some shops just leave your windows open  some run your engine and heater, some just don't get it dry. Mold, mildew, musty, sour smelling. WE get it DRY!

Southside Auto Reconditioning polishes the finish of your car and waxes it. Have all of the cracks and crevices on your dash cleaned then protected.