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  Quality Craftsmanship

Southside uses OEM parts and factory specs, to rebuild damaged cars in our Body Shop in Missoula, MT. Our  collision repair services carefully and expertly rebuilds  your car to factory specs. Your car's performance (how it steers, handles, operates) and appearance will be restored to pre- accident condition.

 Committed to Value

If you're looking for increased value, Southside can install used or aftermarket parts, often parts on your car can be repaired. Our auto body repair experts will help find a solution that fits your budget.

Small Damage Repair

Often it just takes a little TLC to make your car feel like new again. Fixing one or several dents painting a partial panel is all part of Southside Auto Reconditioning's. Small Damage Repair Program. Value and getting your car back fast  with a guaranteed repair is what it's about.

Dent Repair

Southside uses 40 plus years of metalworking skill  to straighten the steel on your car. Body fillers cover minor defects that can remain after the damage has been straightened. Save money repairing vs. replacing .

Bumper Repair or Replacement
Plastic welding experts! Southsides techs weld it, smooth it, paint it. Our Nitrogen Plastic Welder makes plastic repairs that are stronger than the original piece. Repairing a plastic bumper saves a lot of money and plastic waste in the landfill. Aftermarket bumper covers, OEM, We replace them also, paint guaranteed to stick.
Collision repair process